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Welcome to South Yukon Church of Christ. We look forward to our time together with you. We believe this is a place where you can belong, build relationships, find scriptural teachings, and opportunities to serve in areas that God has equipped you with your unique spiritual gifts. We pray and believe you will feel welcomed and that you are at home with us. You’re loved and you belong. Welcome home!

Gene Newberry

Body Life Minister

Bible Study

Set up a Bible study with one of our ministers or ministry leaders. We cherish the opportunity to share the love of Christ with others!

Show Commitment Through Baptism

Why do we believe in baptism? The simple answer is God. God is the one who works in baptism, not us. It’s because of what God does in baptism that makes it essential to salvation in Christ. In baptism, God forgives sins (Acts 2:39; 22:16), puts us into Christ and clothes us with Christ (Galatians 3:27). In baptism, God gives us His Spirit (Acts 2:38; Titus 3:5), and connects us to the story of Jesus (Romans 6:3-4). No wonder Peter says that, “Baptism now saves you.” (1 Peter 3:21). Peter knew the water was not special, nor was the person doing the baptism. Baptism is simply the place and the moment we are connected to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Commit your life to Christ through baptism! Our doors are always open!


Identify with this church family by placing membership! This allows us to get you plugged in and connected.


From CUE Groups to Home Groups, to Bible studies, to fellowship meals and volunteering in the community, get connected with people who want to grow in God with you while getting to know you better!

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