Leaders and Staff

Our aim at South Yukon is to have a common mind for reading God’s word and walking his path through Bible study, prayerful discussion, and worship.


Gene Newberry

Involvement Minister


Grady McKnight

Angela Smith

Children’s Minister


Kevin Wright

Office Staff

Susan Meyers

Travis Swaim

Tracy Tess

Amber Torres

Steve Watson

Jason Engle

Lynn Groves

Stuart Stephens

Barry Stump

Glenn Tunick

Joe Wallace

John Yielding


Chris Beshears

Deacon of Youth Ministry

Jake Beshears

Deacon of Prayer and Men’s Ministries

Keith Bowman

Deacon of Benevolence

Fred Broach

Deacon of Technology

Evan Maynard

Deacon of Children’s Ministry

Jessie McCracken

Deacon of Youth Ministry

Kyle Reuter


Tom Rackley

Deacon of Buildings and Grounds

David Reiter

Deacon of Children’s Ministry and Visitation

Rod Sheaffer

Deacon of Missions

Mel Schaefer

Deacon of Fellowship

Joe Tess

Deacon of Loadshare (Moving Ministry)

Johnathan Wooldridge

Deacon of Worship

Bradley Sears

Deacon of Marriage Ministry

Peter Kirby

Deacon of Technology 

Steve Scott

Deacon of Fellowship